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SparkPoint Ecosystem is a decentralized payment gateway with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based e-learning, gaming, and online store.

With four main functions, people can now settle bills, send and receive money, enrol in various e-courses and e-programs, shop, and entertain themselves in one platform. Not to mention, to earn and be rewarded!

SparkPoint Ecosystem aims to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptoccurency exchanges.



  • Provide alternative payment gateway with low-cost fees
  • Provide almost real-time transactions.
  • Promote financial literacy and blockchain technology awareness.
  • Provide safe and secure marketplace.
  • Continuously engage in financial technology innovation
  • Protect user’s financial and private information.
  • Create innovative blockchain-based games.
  • Provide superior customer service.
The Ecosystem

The Platforms


Decentralized payment gateway to pay bills, transfer remittances and cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency exchange integration.


An in-application marketplace where user-members can sell, buy or offer services and is integrated with cryptocurrency as mode of payment.


A blockchain based e-learning platform that offers wide variety of courses to promote financial literacy and raise blockchain awareness to stimulate financial inclusion.


A store for games integrated with blockchain technology where user-members can play and earn rewards with real world value.

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Mechanism and Usage

Sparkpoint Token





Blockchain Information


Total Supply

18 000 000 000

Smart Contract Address


SparkPoint Token (SRK) is the SparkPoint digital coin based on ERC-20 token standard following the Ethereum Blockchain. SRK is designed to power the four different platforms in the SparkPoint Ecosystem, viz., SparkX, SparkPlace, SparkPlay & SparkRoom being the digital wallet, e-commerce platform, gaming and application store & e-learning portal respectively.

SparkPoint Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Use SRK to pay for transaction fees in the platform, and cryptocurrency conversions; also, to pay for products and services of our partners.

SparkPoint P2P & Remittance

P2P & Remittance

Pay your friends, send SRK as gift and all at SparkX and receive SRK as well and convert to fiat currency later on.

SparkPoint Exchange Integration

Exchange Integratiion

Trade your SRK to other crypto-currency like BTC, ETH, XRP and others within SparkX and vice versa. You may also convert your SRK to fiat currency vv.

SparkPoint Crypto-Based Games

Crypto-Based Games

With SparkPlay, be entertained, pay for in-app purchases using SRK and get rewarded with real world value and convert it to SRK to earn.

SparkPoint E-Learning


Enroll to premium courses in SparkRoom by certified instructors, pass the assessment and get certified. Pay for your tuition using SRK instead of fiat currency.

SparkPoint Online Store

Online Store

Use SRK to pay for goods and services sold at SparkPlace

Sparkpoint Ecosystem Rewards Program

SparkPoint Online Store

Affiliate Rewards Program

SparkPoint Online Store

SparkX Rebate Program

SparkPoint Online Store

Sparkplace Loyalty Program

SparkPoint Online Store

SparkRoom Contribution Program

SparkPoint Online Store

Sparkplay Achievement Program

Our Roadmap

SparkPoint Development Timeline

Q1 - Q2 2018
  • Idea Creation- Project Envision
  • Research on Blockchain Technology- Concept Development
Q3 - Q4 2018
  • Smart Contract Development & Token Creation
  • Core Team Establishment
  • MVP Mobile Wallet Development
  • Domain Acquisition- Publication of Whitepaper- Building Global Community and support channels
  • Mobile Wallet demonstration
Q1 2019
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange listing
  • System design for web and mobile
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Registration
Q2 2019
  • Participation to exchanges
  • SparkQ launching, the official public forum site of SparkPoint Ecosystem
  • Airdrop and Bounty Token Distribution
  • SparkX e-wallet v.1.0 release
  • Team Expansion
  • SparkRoom pre-alpha version
Q3 2019
  • SparkRoom Beta web version launch
  • SparkPlay Open Beta version release integrated with Blockchain Technology- SparkRoom v.1 release (with SRK integration) - SparkPlace design and development
Q4 2019
  • SparkPoint Ecosystem Official Public Launching Event
  • Introduction of Partners- Financial Literact Awareness Activities
  • Official Releases of SparkX, SparkRoom, SparkPlace
  • SparkPlay beta version release
Q1 & Q2 2020
  • Remittance and Transfer Company License
  • Third-party game integration with SparkPlay
  • Partnership with government agencies to digitize payments
Q3 & Q4 2020
  • E-money issuer license
  • Introduction of SparkPoint Ecosystem Prepaid Debit Card and Private Label Debit Card
  • SparkPlay official release worldwide- Micropayment integration with fiat and cryptocurrency
Our Team

The People Behind SparkPoint Ecosystem


Andy Agnas

Chief Executive Officer


Mark Bajaro

Chief Technology Officer


Kim Gamora

Chief Marketing Officer


Phelmar Canada

Web Developer


Allan Macatingrao

iOS App Developer


Colleth Bozar

App UX/UI Designer


Kyle Peralta

Web UI Designer


Dexter Mitra

Risk and Compliance Officer


Rachit Sachdeva

Public Relations


Raizalyn Razo

Marketing Specialist

Sparkpoint Advisor


Deepanshu Bhatt

Marketing Advisor



Marketing Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions
We don't conduct ICO as of the moment since we are still working with the regulations in our jurisdiction, however, we are already on the process of getting the license from respective agencies. Conducting ICO without license would only hurt us getting the license.
We made the SparkX and SparkRoom platforms to reach the vast majority of the unbanked population. According to World Bank findings, financial illiteracy is one of the factors that hinders many to be financially included. With SparkX that will serve as their digital wallet, SparkRoom will provide courses and programs to promote financial literacy. SparkPlace aims to introduce a new way of shopping using the blockchain technology and reducing the cost of doing online marketplace like listing fees and shopping fees. SparkPlay aims to give players and consumers the power to have a reward that will return the value of their in-app purchases unlike existing paid games and application from different application store.
SparkX unlike any other payment gateways not only allows peer-to-peer transfer and remittance, and paying utility bills, SparkX will also be integrated to our other platforms and can be used for micropayments to our partner brick-and-mortar and brick-and-click stores and soon, to pay for government dues and fees.
SparkPoint Token or SRK is a utility token. It has its own function not just in the application but also in the real world through our partners. SRK can be use to pay products and services.
SRK token is SparkPoint Ecosystem's utility coin to be used in different transactions in and out our platforms. SRK token can be use for transaction fees in SparkX, enrolment in SparkRoom, purchasing products or services in SparkPlace and purchasing games and in-game purchases in SparkPlay. Aside from these main function, SRK will also be accepted as payment for our partner stores and service providers.
No. SparkPoint Ecosystem will have its own digital and e-wallet called SparkX that is integrated to all other platforms in the application.
Our application is still in development and and will soon be available in Google Play and Apple App Store.
You may reach us trough Telegram t.me/SparkPointOfficial or send an e-mail at support@sparkpoint.io
If you have a suggestion or idea, feel free to send it to feedback@sparkpoint.io
Send your brilliant ideas together with your letter of intent and CV to careers@sparkpoint.io

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