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Frequently Asked Questions

SFUEL Airdrop for Q4 2021

Holder of either SRK ERC-20 and SRKb BEP-20 tokens
Stakers and Liquidity providers for any SRK or SRKb pools

Note: The bSRK (bridged through Burger Swap) and SparkPoint on BSC (bridged through JustLiquidity) tokens are no longer supported.

If you still have SparkPoint on BSC left on your wallet, then you can swap it to BNB on JulSwap DEX and swap BNB to SRKb on our SparkSwap DEX .

If you still have bSRK left on your wallet, then you can swap it to BUSD and swap to SRKb on our SparkSwap DEX .

Recommended wallets are SparkPoint Wallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.

  • For MetaMask and Trust Wallets, holders will need to add SFUEL as a custom token, then add the contract address. Also, the network must be set to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). For more information on how to set your wallets to BSC, you may visit this tutorial.
  • Other wallets are also supported if the address holds SRKb BEP-20 or SRK ERC-20. Other Wallets that can store SRK and connect to BSC might also work but are not officially supported.
  • We recommend using SparkPoint Wallet on receiving the airdrop since SRKb and SFUEL are fully supported. All holders must do is to import their seed phrase to SparkPoint Wallet. There is no need to transfer cryptocurrency assets from one wallet address to another. For more information on how to import your seed phrase to SparkPoint Wallet, you may visit this tutorial.

    Note: We won’t be supporting any exchange wallets at the moment.

12:00 AM UTC, December 25, 2021

Please go to, connect your wallet, and claim your rewards The self-assisted claiming of rewards will be opened on December 30, 2021.

If there are problems with claiming your rewards or the web app tells you that there are no rewards for you to be claimed, we have a dedicated support team that can assist you with these concerns. Please DM @Sparky_SRK on Twitter or on Telegram .

Getting Started

Go to or and download the mobile application. You can also go directly to the Google Play store or to the Apple App Store.

Once you've installed your wallet, click “Recover Wallet”. Then enter your seed phrase. Lastly, you’ll need to set up your pin for security. You can enable fingerprint scan security if the feature is available on your device.


You can either write your seed phrase on a piece of paper or take a picture of it. Make sure no one else knows your seed phrase. Password vaults are also recommended for better security.

You can import your wallet to MetaMask by using your Private Key.

Click the menu bar on the top left corner of the wallet app and select “Seed Phrase” or “Private Keys”.

Managing Assets

Kindly visit this link: or visit and explore our website at

Select the “Send” option on the wallet. Input the recipient's address as well as the amount of SRK to send. Take note that you will also need ETH/BNB for the gas fees. You have the option to select Slow, Average, or Fast.

Select the “Receive” option on the wallet. You can select either from the addresses indicated above the QR code.

Select the “Trade option on the wallet. Then select either ChangeNOW or Changelly. Input the desired amount to swap and the recipient’s address. Finally, click the button with two arrows. You can check your transactions on the Transactions tab filter out dates for easy tracking.

SRK does not support hardware wallets as of the moment but stay tuned for future references.

You can see them at the ALTS (Other Assets) menu.


We have transitioned to a KYC-less SparkEarn. You can now submit and perform bounties on SparkEarn without having to submit KYC. Visit and start earning!

A verification email from SparkEarn will be sent to the same email you used to register to SparkEarn. Kindly check it there and click the email.

Our team shall send your rewards as soon as it is possible. Please do understand that there are factors that could affect the delay such as the number of pending rewards from other users that needed to be sent and the affordability of gas fees.

The accounts are different. You may use your Google Play Account for the games to record your scores on the leaderboard and you may also use SparkEarn to submit bounties.

This error occurs when the verification link that was sent to your email has already expired. We suggest that you verify your email address immediately after registration.


Aside from funding the development of our various platforms, the revenue generated from SparkPlay will also be used to buy back SparkPoint (SRK) tokens from exchanges. This buy-back program will be done regularly to maintain the stability of the SRK Token in the open market. Read more about our SRK Buy Back Program.

We rely on ad revenue to fund operations and the buy-back program but there's also an In-App Purchase option to remove ads in Crypto Slicer. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, and this includes uninterrupted gaming.

We strive to provide the same level of entertainment but at the same time, give players real value rewards in the form of SparkPoint (SRK) tokens. We're also leveraging our games to help spread awareness of cryptocurrency and give people a taste of what is possible with this technology.


Message us at Kindly attach a screenshot of your error, TX Hash, Wallet Address, and indicate your wallet version.